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বাড়ি থেকে ফেরা | A JOYOUS RETURN


We delved into a unique narrative, capturing the poignant emotions surrounding the departures post-Eid vacation. This story underscores the deep-seated feelings experienced by those who bid farewell to their loved ones.


Our narrative seeks to depict the genuine sentiments of parting from family. It emphasizes the transformation of sorrow into happiness through the act of sharing love. Food, a universal expression of care, becomes even more meaningful when it’s homemade. Bringing back these dishes symbolizes the love and memories from home. Sharing these delicacies with others serves as a poignant reminder of their families back home, providing solace and strength to face the days ahead until the next reunion.


For over forty years, TEER has been an integral part of Bangladesh’s cultural fabric. As a brand deeply rooted in the lives of its consumers, TEER has consistently offered the purest food essentials, becoming an irreplaceable part of their daily routines. By being present during significant life moments, TEER has cultivated a deep bond with its audience. More than just nourishing the body, TEER symbolizes the love and connections fostered through shared meals.